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When they set their eyes on a goal — they strive right for it, and their ability to find their way in a situation can make them a good financier. On the other hand, the undeveloped people born today act impulsively and think too much of insignificant details, which lowers their chances for success.

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A woman born on this day has a tendency for two marriages or larger relationships. What threatens them? They can become their own greatest enemy and lead quite a sad life. What should they be wary of?

Weekly Horoscope: December 10 - 16 - VICE

Not to succumb to sensuality too much, for it might lead them to even worse experiences. Their relationships with relatives will not be too favorable. They should beware having their mind preoccupied with unfortunate projects that will never realize. Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:. This is the time of year when you feel cool, calm and in control. Your thoughts are already turning to , but don't plan too much yet — there are some surprise developments to come. You prefer to take a more spiritual view of this time of year.

Cancer - Weekly Horoscope from 16th Dec to 22nd Dec 2018

Don't feel that you need to conform or to party if you don't want to. Do things your way. Spare a thought for those who are lonely, shy or anxious while the rest of the world parties around them.

You have a special ability to make people feel welcome and at ease, so reach out. Far from winding down, you're fi ring on all cylinders. Don't wait until the New Year to take a fresh look at your goals and make some resolutions. You've got an opinion on almost everything, but be careful how you share it. Be considerate of other views, especially those you don't really know much about.

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People listen to you, so you have a responsibility to be fair. Pay attention to your instincts. You try not to be judgmental, but your gut reaction to someone is often correct. Perhaps you covered up pain with retail therapy or felt insecure about your talents and undervalued your natural gifts. It might help you to get back in touch with nature or with your own sensuality. Chiron, a so-called minor planet, has been hanging out in Pisces for most of the last eight years, and in July, he went retrograde.

You probably found it difficult to assert yourself and to start things, especially if it seemed like your efforts would be futile. Maybe you took your cues from the outside rather than trusting yourself or swung in the other direction and were independent to a fault. And unfortunately, Chiron may have made you unhappy with your appearance sometimes. Mars in Pisces is collaborating with Pluto in your group sector, so you might opt to team up with others to get something off the ground.

Chiron is known as a minor planet in astronomy and is often called the Wounded Healer by astrologers, due to his role in mythology.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 10-16

You may have sensed your connection to other living beings and the universe as a whole but also yearned for more personal identity. Chiron could have elicited a sort of existential grief, vague guilt or a painful longing for the unattainable. Your soul was somehow resistant to choosing and manifesting, but you learned compassion for the suffering of others and the healing quality of our divine oneness.

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Chiron has been classified as an asteroid, comet and minor planet by astronomers and is known as the Wounded Healer by astrologers. Groups—like your squad—have probably brought out your insecurities now and then.

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And speaking of deep, Mercury is heading back into your depth sector this week, encouraging you to dive into a research project, an investigation or an emotional inquiry. Profound reflection and dialogue can have a powerful effect on you as draws to a close. Chiron has been backtracking since the 4th of July and is currently doing a U-turn at the top of your chart. For the past eight years, Chiron has brought out your need for approval and success. At times, you may have been plagued by fears of failure and felt the pain of not achieving your goals or not receiving recognition.

Partnerships of all kinds creative, romantic, business should see smooth sailing this week, especially if you have a positive attitude about working on the relationship and share a mutual objective.

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As Mercury moves into your efficiency zone, your mental focus will enable you to analyze everything in detail. You may have gotten hurt while sharing your real self with another person, and the idea of being that vulnerable again leaves you gun-shy. A close relationship might have opened old wounds from childhood, and perhaps you felt powerless. With Mercury zipping into your joy house, you can balance out all this intensity with levity, as the trickster planet teases out your sense of humor and encourages you to play with words.