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You also have the White Moon, Selena, in your partnership sector from mid-March to mid-October, presenting a wonderful time to make improvements in a key relationship or for attracting a strong partnership. Intensity in your friendships is likely to continue this year, but key improvements are more overt when Jupiter transits your solar eleventh house from December to December It can be a productive, resourceful, and meaningful time for connecting with friends, networks, and groups.

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While Venus transits your romance sector from July , , your charm is easy and natural. Your powers of attraction run high. Love comes to you rather than your having to pursue it.

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Note that the romance sector is more about play than commitment. This Venus transit begins at the time of a New Moon in your romance sector, and you are likely to have a lot of fun — your charm is powerful. Mars is in your partnership sector from August October 3, This can be a time of fireworks in a partnership.

You may not always feel that the ball is in your court during this period, however. You can be more ardent in your pursuit of a person or a relationship, or someone could be ardently pursuing you! There is a lot happening in your partnership sector during this period. There may be some adjustments to make — problems in committed relationships revolving around sex and money can be aired now. Conflicts need to be faced head-on with Mars here.

See your Monthly Forecast. See horoscope here: Pisces Overview Horoscope for The following guide shows when, where, and how to best find or maintain love. See below the guide for more key dates and the best periods for attracting or enhancing romance, partnerships, and intimacy. Where: Each sector of a chart represents certain areas of your life. For example, the ninth house is connected to institutes for higher learning and travel.

When Venus transits that particular sector, you may have better chances finding love while traveling, doing adventurous things, or furthering your education. How: Emphasizing your own character traits that are associated with a particular sector of the chart that Venus is currently transiting helps you to attract more pleasant and loving energies into your life. Relationships begun now are: Relationships begun while Venus is transiting a particular sector of your chart tend to take on some of the characteristics of that sector.

Enhancing love now: Ways to improve an existing love relationship during a particular period. Venus 9th House: Where: While traveling or embarking on some kind of non-routine venture; institutions of higher learning, a study group. How: By expressing and emphasizing your adventurous, philosophical, optimistic, and brave side.

Relationships begun now are: Happy-go-lucky, meetings of the mind, non-possessive, exciting, adventurous. Enhancing love now: Sharing and comparing your spiritual, religious, or philosophical interests with a friend or loved one may open up a whole new dimension of your relationship. A strong need for harmony, affection, approval or belongingness colors your attitude and decisions now. Overall this is likely to bring ease and engender positive feelings in your interactions and personal relationships, but in a situation in which you need to move forcefully on your own behalf it could work against you.

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Your own values or way of expressing love and affection may differ from someone you encounter now, but because you are willing to please and smooth over differences, all is likely to turn out well. In fact, your differences may be appealing. Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore and may interfere with work or complicated situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf.

Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. Venus 10th House: Where: Through your career, by word of mouth, business parties, mixing work with pleasure.

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How: Expressing your more responsible and competent side. Relationships begun now are: responsible, status-conscious, serious, long-term. Enhancing love now: Sharing goals, structuring your relationship, doing things that make you feel secure, showing your more responsible side. Light and pleasant interactions characterize this time period. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm and by enlisting the support of your friends, rather than by being forthright and bold. You are willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your environment. You can attract what you want and need, rather than pursue it forcefully or do it all yourself.

This is an excellent time to go out on a date or ask someone for a favor, because you make a decidedly positive impression at the moment. Being with people and enjoying good times especially with beautiful, charming, lighthearted people is really what you want now. Because you are open to love and friendly gestures, you will attract loving people into your experience. Venus 11th House: Where: Through friendships, clubs, group meetings, organizations, parties.

How: Friendly, helpful, tolerant, breezy manner.

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Show your unique and progressive spirit. Relationships begun now are: noncommittal, friendly, detached, spirited, aloof. Enhancing love now: Sharing long-term goals, hopes, dreams and wishes; treating your partner as a friend as well as a lover; showing tolerance and acceptance.

Venus 12th House: Where: Privately, hospitals or service-oriented institutions, online, blind dates. How: Quiet charm, helpful and compassionate nature, discreet. Cash flow and erm.. One of you might want more space and privacy to work rather than thinking that you need to move out. Mars retrograde takes place in your cash zone so a passion for material goods may rage very high even within the most spiritual Pisces Which is a lot of you! The appreciation for art is also high and of course usually, the finest antiques and well-made clothes are going to come with a price.

How nice that you have two blossoming sextiles to your sign.

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This means a very easy-going year with just a lunar eclipse to spice things up for you at the end of The sextile also has a bit of spice to it and does not have the full-on, blissed-out healing action of the trine. Ok, you only have the Jupiter sextile for the beginning as you come to the end of that lucky transit but it should have put you in an optimistic and innovative mood in preparation for the exciting Uranus sextile. Dream, dream, dream, some sizzle and a load more manifesting those dreams into reality.

You have some great creative and romantic transits with none of the challenging aspects at all. With so much fantasising going on you will actually need that eclipse in June to snap you out of your fairytale. The Neptune conjunction is very lovely but at the same time very hard to handle if you are working in professions that are not in the arts, film, glamour, broadcasting, spirituality, music or poetry.

This is a very busy year for you transit-wise, and you are blessed with no really challenging aspects at all. This kind of blind hope often brings unexpectedly good results because the energy is serene and not grasping. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content Search for:. You've always loved all things boujee, but Virgo season's all about the craftsmanship. So no swiping unless it's worth it, OK?

Take a closer look at your budget and at least try to take a more practical approach. The full moon in Pisces will beam through your auspicious eighth house of sex, transformation, and joint ventures. Themes related to your intimate unions, shared resources, and all things taboo will likely resurface during this time.

Take a deep breath, Leo. This lunation will likely have you in your feels. That same day, Mercury and Venus will slide into Libra and your third house of communication. Lots on your mind? Take advantage of this charming energy and sort out your priorities. Besides, serious Saturn will station direct via your orderly sixth house of health and due diligence shortly after, which is equivalent to a report card from the cosmos. Are you taking full responsibility of your daily routine and well-being?

Cheers to another trip around the sun, Virgo!


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The spotlight's on you and this is especially true with the sun, Venus, Mars, and ruling planet Mercury conjugating through your mutable territory for the majority of the month. What have you been working on? Truth is, you're always up to something but with rebellious Uranus Rx revolutionizing your ninth house of expansion and opportunities, there's no denying the facts: You've got something up your perfectly ironed sleeve.

There will be a full moon in Pisces mid-month, activating your seventh house of partnerships and one-on-one connections. Themes related to your current one-on-ones, along with your innermost feelings, could resurface during this time. You typically need to see to believe, but rest assured, your intuition will be heightened during this time. Mercury and Venus enter Libra and your money-hungry second house of values and self-worth that same day, so themes related to your finances and self-esteem will be top of mind.

Shortly after, serious Saturn stations direct via your expressive fifth house of creativity and individuality. When was the last time you actually had fun, Virgo? Can you keep a secret, Libra? With the sun, Mercury, Mars, and ruling planet Venus hovering over your mysterious 12th house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes for the majority of month, you'll likely be feeling more introverted than usual.

Activities such as sleeping, meditating, and embracing your solitude are highly suggested during this time. The full moon in Pisces will illuminate your orderly sixth house of health and due diligence. All things related to your day-to-day life and health habits will be put under the moon's magnifying glass during this time. Mercury and your ruling planet slide into your sign that same day, and this will turn things up a notch just in time for your solar revolution.

Meanwhile, structured Saturn stations direct via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation shortly after. How have you been nurturing yourself as of late, Libra? That's what friends are for, Scorpio. With the sun, Mercury, Venus, and co-ruler Mars activating your 11th house of friendships, tribes, and extended network for the majority of the month, you'll be focused on your group associations and sense of belonging in the world.

No new friends? I'm not going to lie, you might need to take a closer look at the people you're surrounding yourself with, Scorpio. The full moon in Pisces will illuminate your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance and individuality. For those of you who decided to tap into your artistic muse these past few months, this lunation could bring you some much-needed clarity in regard to your happiness. Passion projects might very well flourish during this time. That same day, Mercury and Venus slide into Libra and your secretive 12th house of closure and all things behind the scenes.

Needless to say, this is an excellent time to recharge your batteries. Shortly after, serious Saturn stations direct via your chatty third house of communication and immediate network. Have you been working on your listening skills as of late? Practice makes perfect, Sagittarius. This is especially true with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars hovering over your ambitious 10th house of career, legacy, and public persona for the majority of the month. Making an impression on your superiors? There's a lot happening on the career front, so make sure to put your game face on.